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Roslyn Franken

Want an engaging speaker who will captivate, inspire and uplift your audience? Discover how Roslyn Franken can make your next event a memorable success.

Roslyn is a world-class speaker with a remarkable gift. She has that special ability to capture the hearts, uplift the spirits and open the minds of her audiences to new possibilities, leaving them both spellbound and wonderfully inspired with her universal messages on how to live a more courageous, positive and satisfying life.

As an inspirational motivational speaker, author and proud cancer survivor, Roslyn provides keynotes and guest presentations for a variety of audiences and group events including:

  • conferences
  • corporate events
  • association events
  • annual meetings
  • non-profits
  • volunteer appreciation
  • faith-based group events
  • war veteran events
  • holocaust memorial events
  • holocaust museums
  • cancer patient events
  • cancer fundraisers
  • fundraising events
  • high schools
  • youth organizations
  • colleges
  • universities
  • nurses week
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    Her keynote and guest presentations are based on the true stories of her two acclaimed books as follows:
    Roslyn Franken



    In her newest book and presentation titled, MEANT TO BE: A TRUE STORY OF MIGHT, MIRACLES AND TRIUMPH OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT, inspirational speaker and author Roslyn Franken reveals the unforgettable true story of her parents, John and Sonja Franken - two unlikely survivors of World War II.

    While John fights for his life as a POW in Japan and survives the Nagasaki atomic bomb, Sonja endures the horrors of Auschwitz.  She faces death in the gas chamber three times and survives.

    After the war, fate brings them together to find enduring love and rebuild their lives in the most extraordinary ways despite the tragedies of their pasts.

    Their story is one of triumph over tragedy filled with messages of positivity and perseverance, faith and fortitude, daring and determination, and hope and humility.

    When diagnosed with cancer at 29, Roslyn turns to her parents’ remarkable experiences, beliefs and positive attitudes as inspiration in her own fight to beat cancer and become a long-term survivor.

    How did her parents survive their captivity? How did they meet to find enduring love? What profound life-changing lessons did Roslyn learn from her parents' extraordinary experiences and positive attitudes and her own difficult cancer journey that we can all learn from to live a better and more courageous life?

    ...The answers to these questions and more are what drive the captivating story behind Roslyn's newest book and inspirational multi-media stage presentation, MEANT TO BE.

    "It was one of the most profound presentations and stories we have had the pleasure of at our meetings in the past 36 years and the first to receive a standing ovation.”
    ~ Robert Nemchin, Vice President, Capital Business Association


    Meant To Be by Roslyn Franken


    In her first book titled, THE A LIST: 9 GUIDING PRINCIPLES FOR HEALTHY EATING AND POSITIVE LIVING, and presentation based on the book titled LIGHTEN UP FOR GOOD, Roslyn Franken takes her readers and audiences through the remarkable weight loss journey that changed her body and changed her life...

    Ten years after surviving cancer, age 39, at her heaviest weight and concerned for her health, Roslyn decided to fight back once again - only this time to win her battles with food, weight and lifestyle challenges, once and for all!

    How did she lose the weight? How does she keep it off? How did the changes she made change her life in ways far beyond just the number on the scale or size of her clothes?

    ...The answers to these questions and more drive the stories and life-changing strategies found in Roslyn's inspirational self-help book and healthy living presentation, THE A LIST: 9 Guiding Principles for Healthy Eating and Positive Living.

    “We truly enjoyed our day with Roslyn. The 'Lighten Up for Good' session was very interactive, informative and refreshingly fun and humorous. Roslyn was inspiring and empowering and offered excellent reflection on self-care triggers and recognition. Everyone fully enjoyed themselves but also understood the full meaning of the session. We look forward to having her come back and speak at one of our conferences in the near future."
    ~ Christine Lalonde-Page, Vice-Chair, ONTARIO MUNICIPAL SOCIAL SERVICES ASSOCIATION zone 7


    THE A LIST by Roslyn Franken

    THE A LIST Positive Living Weight Loss Coaching Program

    Roslyn also uses The A List principles as a basis for her special brand of Positive Living Weight Loss Coaching for individuals, couples and groups seeking safe, sensible and sustainable weight loss once and for all.

    "What I liked about her approach was that it was all about me.  Roslyn has helped me change my relationship with food and helped me change some of my attitudes that were not only affecting my nutrition but my relationship with work, with my friends and with my family.  Basically, she changed my life."
    - Marie C.



    Roslyn makes regular appearances on television and radio talk shows and has been quoted in newspapers and magazines across Canada, the United States, and abroad.

    For media interviews, contact Roslyn today.


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